Levi Matteson - May 2, 2021

Money: Making Sense of Dollars & Cents


People get uncomfortable when the pastor talks about money. Perhaps they are concerned that he is going to ask for money, promising prosperity or a tenfold return for whatever is given. Or perhaps the concern is that the pastor is going to preach austerity, that is to give everything up and be poor to be closer to God.

This message is neither the prosperity gospel nor austerity theology, but a message about the heart, because money is a wonderful servant but a terrible master. Pastor Levi Matteson relies on God-HELP! from the Book of Proverbs to make sense of our dollars and cents.

This podcast episode is from Evangel Community Church, Houghton, Michigan, May 2, 2021.

From Series: "God-HELP!"

Bookshelves are lined with self-help resources, but these guides have little to sell us other than ourselves. And reading books by Christian authors can be like biting into a pizza roll too quickly. We can lose the ability to taste differences between what is self-help and God-dependence. We swallow both indiscriminately and wonder why our stomachs hurt. In this series, we'll look at the Proverbs, God’s help book for everyday problems. We'll trade self-help for God-HELP!, building upon a child’s cry to his father, leaning on one’s eternal family, and trusting God’s unfailing promises.

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