We pulled back from our regularly scheduled programs at this time. Contact the church office for details on online Sunday school. Perhaps in the fall we’ll get back to the following schedule:

Sundays 9:30 & 11:00 a.m.
900 W. Memorial Dr., Houghton, MI

What to Expect

First Service 9:30 a.m. Worship

  • Masks Required,
  • Nursery,
  • PreSchool Class, and
  • Children’s Church
Second Service 11:00 a.m. Worship

  • Masks Recommended,
  • Nursery,
  • Preschool Class,
  • Grades 1-5 Sunday School,
  • Middle and High School Classes,
  • Adult Table Groups, and
  • Mandarin Translation.

During our Sunday morning worship services, we’ll sing a couple songs, have announcements and prayer, sing a couple more songs, and then the pastor will give a message from the Bible. The music is a mixture of contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns, accompanied by piano and other instruments.

Come as you are! Some people dress in jeans and T-shirts and others dress in suits. Come in whatever is most comfortable to you. Grab a free cup of tea or premium, micro roast coffee and sit in any open seat in the Worship Center.


What to Expect for Kids

We offer safe, nurturing environments for your kids from nursery through high school. During our Sunday worship services, they will be well cared for and learn about Jesus with their peers.


Our awesome teachers and staff love Jesus and they love kids. They complete training and background checks, and adhere to policies to protect your children.


In Preschool through High School classes, we feature The Gospel Project, a Christ-centered, chronological Bible study for all ages. Students journey from the beginning of the Bible to the end, discovering how God’s plan of salvation unfolds throughout history and still today.

TGP goes far beyond the classroom. Each Sunday, we send kids home with resources for families to use during the week to grow together in all that they’re learning. Each group studies age-appropriate lessons on the same topics, so families can learn together.

Look for the The Gospel Project app in your favorite app store.


  • Babies & Toddlers up to Age 3
  • Both Services

Playtime or rest in a safe nursery setting. Comfy chairs for nursing moms, and toys and activities to keep kids content.


  • Children Age 3 – Grade K
  • Both Services

Structured learning and lesson-based activities, combined with plenty of play time. Sessions for both services cover the same lesson topic, but have different activities & learning applications.

Children’s Church

  • Children Grades 1 – 4
  • First Services

Large Group learning, worship, & activities. Kids start out in the sanctuary with parents, and then are dismissed prior to the sermon.

Children’s Sunday School

  • Children Grades 1 – 5
  • Second Service

Large Group learning & worship and Small Group, age-appropriate activities, discussion, and Bible study.

Youth Sunday School

  • Middle & High Schoolers
  • Second Service

Large Group learning & worship and Small Group, age-appropriate activities, discussion, and Bible study.

Check-In/Checkout Procedure

All children in Nursery, PreSchool, Children’s Sunday School, and Children’s Church are required to be checked in and out by a parent or designated adult. Fill out a short registration form your first time attending. If we need to reach you while your child is in our care, your cell phone will be your pager.

A Few Other Things

Snacks: We’ve got it covered. Let us know if there are food allergies to be aware of.

Bathroom/Diapering: Nursery is the only environment where we will tend to diapering needs; youngsters in other classes should be able to use the bathroom on their own. If the need happens to arise, we will page you to tend to your child. (Thanks for dressing your kids in clothing they can manage on their own.)

Illness: We kindly ask you to keep your child at home if he or she is sick or has a fever.

We hope you’ll take advantage of the teaching and care we offer your kids.

We are honored to care for your children, but we understand that some parents prefer their children to stay with them in the service. Know that your children are always welcome to stay in the Worship Center with you at any time.


Shuttle Service

Our shuttle bus runs continuous loops from Wadsworth Hall to 900 W. Memorial Rd.:

Sunday Mornings: Our Evangel shuttle will do pickup cycles at Wads for both services. Look for the first arrivals starting at 9:05 & 10:35. For your convenience, the bus is equipped with touchless hand sanitizer.


Who Are We?

We are a diverse community of people from many backgrounds and walks of life. Our aim is to share the good news of Jesus. For us, sharing this good news is about loving our neighbors, gently caring for our local and global community, and faithfully proclaiming God’s grace and justice.

We are greatly loved by God who has given us his Word, the Bible. His word helps us makes sense of the world and ourselves, and it tells us how to live well.

This world is a messy place. Life is messy. Relationships are messy. Dreams tarnish. Hopes fade. All of this mess points back at us. We are broken, but God’s Word makes meaning out of our mess. The good news of Jesus repairs the brokenness and fills life with faith, hope, and love so powerful that it conquers death. Sounds crazy, but it’s the motivation at Evangel for everything we do. We want to help each other follow our Lord Jesus Christ in the midst of the joys and suffering of our world.

Core Beliefs

There is One God, the Creator of the Universe who exists in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Jesus of Nazareth is God, the Son. He is the God man and the Word, who presents God.

The Holy Spirit works in our lives, drawing us to Jesus, leading us in faith, comforting us in sorrow, strengthening us for service, and empowering us to love.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God. It is the final authority for what to believe and how to live.

We were created in God’s image, but chose sin and are utterly separated from God without hope apart from Jesus.

Jesus rescued us from our sin and made a way for us to be in relationship with God. His death and resurrection provide the only basis for our salvation. Through trusting and following Jesus, our relationship with God is restored and our lives have new hope to find life here on earth and forever with him.

Baptism and communion are ways that all of Jesus’ followers are called to join in celebrating his good news.

Much of our encouragement and support comes from relating with others who love and worship God. That’s why we gather together as a church. We celebrate what God has done, connect with each other, change with the support of others, and commit to serve and care for one another until Jesus returns.

Our People

Evangel Community Church is part of God’s people. Throughout the world, people from every ethnicity, background, and homeland follow Jesus. Our local gathering, just like millions of others around the world, is a place where lives are transformed by the God who has saved us. We teach His ways, worship, pray, and encourage each other to live according to Jesus’ teaching.

The members and attenders of Evangel come from all walks of life, from many parts of the world, with all different skin tones, a broad spectrum of ages, and with different passions and interests. We hope that you will join us and share in our passion to see people’s lives blessed because of the love of our God.

Our Pastors

Levi Matteson
Lead Pastor

Pastor Levi is a husband to his wife, Jen, and a father to four boys. Levi loves to lead God’s people in reaching the lost and broken in our community. He also loves basketball and throws elbows at the Michigan Tech’s SDC from time to time.

Nathaniel Marsh
Pastor of Discipleship

Pastor Nate is a husband to his wife, Natalie, and is a father to two boys and a girl. Nate loves to help people grow in their commitment to Jesus. He also hangs out with our youth and challenges them to live the good news of Jesus. Nate enjoys carving up the mountain bike trails at Michigan Tech.

Travis Williams
Groups Pastor

Pastor Travis and his wife, Brenna, have four awesome kiddos. Travis passionate about helping people meet Jesus in a real and life-changing way and seeing people grow closer to Him and to each other. He loves hanging out with his family and getting outside.

Our Staff

Jill Johnson
Administrative Coordinator

Jill is wife to her husband, Dean, and mom to three adult children. Jill loves kids and directs our children’s ministry. She loves talking and even talking about what God has taught her of late. Jill likes to crochet when she has time and takes every opportunity to promote her favorite football team, the Packers.

Sherry Jaszczak
Administrative Assistant

Sherry is wife to her husband, John, and mom to seven children. Sherry is our project woman, who takes on messes and works until they are sorted out. Sherry is an amazing cook and loves to shop.

Beth Techtmann
Lead Pastor Assistant

Beth is married to her husband Steve and is a mom to their three kids. Beth helps the leadership team with scheduling, editing, and graphic design. She’s passionate about God, her family and friends, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the Oxford comma.

Eric Givens
Music Coordinator

Eric is a husband to his wife, Laurel, who is also a part of Evangel’s worship team. Eric loves playing guitar and praising the Lord through music. He enjoys reading, writing, and filmmaking. While he admits he’s seen a ‘Star Wars’ movies fourteen times in the theater, he’s not saying which one.