A Place for Community During the Quarantine

While we maintain our physical distance, we need even more to draw together in spirit and mind. Contact the church office if you need help, and follow the links below to plug into our online community.

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There's still plenty happening at Evangel with appropriate social distancing


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During these unprecedented time, we are easing back into in-person worship with appropriate social distancing, but will maintain an online church community with live-streaming Sunday worship services.

Godlessness. Lawlessness. Natural disasters. Is it the end of the world? Are these events the signs of end times? It is certainly the end of the world as we know it, but we have hope.


Eventually we’ll get through this pandemic, so read on and check out the other pages to get a sense of what we do in normal times:


At Evangel, we strive be disciples of Jesus. We believe he died for us on the cross. We also believe that he has come to give us life to the full.

We’re trying to figure out what it means to follow him in all of his ways. What does it mean to love our neighbors as ourselves? What does it mean to love our enemies and pray for them?

Come along on this journey with us! I invite you to one of our Sunday services. We have programming from nursery through high school, and classes and discussion groups for adults.

I’d love to have you as part of the Evangel community.

~ Levi Matteson, Lead Pastor

Next Steps…

Take a look around and you’ll see that there’s a lot going on at Evangel. People from all over the Copper Country—Houghton, Hancock, Calumet, Chassell, Lake Linden, Michigan Tech, and Finlandia University—gather at Evangel. We are purposeful about community. Our church programs—children, youth, mothers of preschoolers, women, men, college, Chinese, Korean, internationals, and many others—are designed with you in mind. We want to meet you where you are, and we desire to respectfully, graciously, and patiently help you process the good news of Jesus that really changes lives. Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, we welcome you.

Purposeful About Community

Our prayer is that you'll find our church to be a safe and inviting place where you can share your story and move with us toward Jesus, regardless of your background.



"We aren't from the UP, so Evangel is our family away from family."




"Evangel has been God's family to us."



Copper Country

"Evangel Baptist is a great place to spiritually raise a family while being part of a church community."




"Evangel is a supporting and caring community of Christ followers, and a spiritual home for us."



Upper Peninsula

"Evangel has been like family to me. I appreciate the care and concern and support I've received over the years."