Sauna and Swim Sunday Aug 27

Sauna and Swim Sunday Aug 27

Erik & Becky Johnson will be hosting YG at their house for sauna time and swimming! So please have your student bring their swimsuit (one piece for the gals) and a towel.

Since they live near White City, we are adjusting our meeting time to right after the second service on Sunday. We’ll all take the bus (and an extra vehicle or two if needed) as soon as the bus returns from drop-offs after the second service, spend 2 hours at the Johnson’s, and then return to the church for you to pick up your kid(s).

Our best tentative estimate is that we’ll leave the church around 12:45pm, hang out at the Johnsons’ from 1:30 to 3:30pm, and make it back to the church around 4:15pm. Lunch will be provided and we are asking the kids to each bring a snack to share (chips, cookies, etc.).

Who: Evangel YG Students

What: Lunch, swimming, sauna, games, and a lesson.

Bring: Swimsuits (one piece for the gals please), a towel, and a snack to share (chips, cookies, etc.)

When: Sunday, August 27th after church and returning to the church around 4:15pm. We’ll do our best to be in communication as to our ETA for picking up your kid(s) from the church.

Where: The Johnson’s @ 39657 Jacobsville Rd. Lake Linden, MI 49945. Becky’s phone number is 906-281-1360

Transportation: We’ll all be loading up the church bus (and caravanning with an additional vehicle or two if needed) and riding out to the Johnson’s together and returning back to the church after 2 hours out there.

*Please note my cell phone is out of commission so if you need to contact me please email or call the church phone. I am still able to receive iMessages (no text messages at all though) through my computer if I’m in the office or connected to wifi.


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