As a church, we want nothing more than for everyone to draw near to God. We also believe this is not the time to ask people to make commitments toward a building project. With that, we are postponing our capital campaign in order to focus our efforts on serving the spiritual needs of the church and loving on each other.

We encourage everyone to seek the Lord in this new environment and to love their neighbor as themselves — from a safe distance.

We’re excited that we can maintain an online church community with live-streaming Sunday worship services, daily prayer, and new resources to help us all focus on God and his almighty power.

We encourage you to continue to give worshipfully to support our regular budget. You can find instructions on how to give here.

If you also want to continue to give to the capital campaign, please do so and know that we will put capital campaign gifts aside. We believe that God has a plan for Phase II to help us pursue the Lord, seek the lost and leave a legacy, and we will re-launch the campaign when appropriate.

The Deacon Fund is another giving initiative to help those in need in our church body — needs that are even greater during these unprecedented times. If you would like to give to the Deacon Fund, indicate so in the memo line of your check, or if using our secure giving portal, Deacon Fund from the drop-down menu.

At Evangel we love sharing stories, and we want to hear yours! Please tell us your story so that we can encourage others with how God has made a difference in your life and in the lives of others.

For many years, Evangel has asked God how He wanted us to expand the facility, all for the purpose of leading people to Lifeful Living with Him.

Our College Avenue facility was a wonderful place, but we had outgrown its capacity. (Remember the 43 parking spots?)

After prayers, meetings, and more prayers, the congregation decided that God was calling us to the former Shopko building. We’ve since purchased it and moved into a temporary space, and we’ve been calling this adventure “camping.” We’re very thankful for the additional room and amazing resources, but if you’ve made the trek to the bathrooms or seen the preschool children’s space, you’ll know that it’s not yet the most ideal of spaces. It’s been a wonderful transition, and we’ve seen rapid growth of new people coming into the doors and hearing the Word of God!

Evangel’s mission has always been sharing the Gospel with people, and it is happening. We’re praising God for this, but realize that there’s more to be done.

There are 38,000 people in Houghton County, and 81% do not attend church on any given Sunday; in fact, we are the second least evangelical community in all of the Upper Peninsula. With the purchase of this building, along with the long legacy of faithfulness at Evangel, we are positioned to change some of those numbers — not because we are great, but because He is great!

Our vision hasn’t changed. We want to see people know Jesus and find the full life that He has promised. Our vision is to create a facility that can be used regionally for this purpose. We want to create a facility to be able to capture people’s attention long enough for Him to capture their hearts.


As you read through this page, please consider:

How is God calling you to accomplish the vision of Lifeful Living?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lifeful Living?

We believe it is God’s desire for Evangel Community Church to pursue this Lifeful Living campaign. The name comes from the Gospel of John when Jesus promises:

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. John 10:10b

This campaign journey aims to challenge every person who calls Evangel their home to enter into a process of personal and spiritual growth. This campaign offers opportunities to stretch and challenge us to be faithful and live our lives to the full.

Pursuing the Lord

Over the next three years, we will encourage every attender at Evangel to significantly deepen their walk with Jesus through personal spiritual growth, providing new ministry opportunities and prayer.

  • We will launch materials that help develop wholehearted followers of Jesus Christ. These Biblical teachings will help Evangel grow in our walk with God.
  • We will create new opportunities to get involved in ministry building deep spiritual roots.
  • We will continue our focus on prayer and provide opportunities for Evangel, such as prayer walks at the church and weekly prayer requests via our “Livin’ on a Prayer” initiative.
Seeking the Lost

Expansion of our facilities and expanded parking will provide additional opportunities to reach more of Houghton County with the love of Jesus Christ. By developing unique spaces and programs, Evangel will utilize the new facility to reach the surrounding community. The new facility will have specific areas that are inviting to our community.

  • Expansive indoor playground
  • Gymnasium / Fellowship hall
  • Inviting cafe areas

Evangel has a desire to grow not only in Houghton, but also in Baraga. We plan to make our first outreach steps to Baraga in 2020.

Leaving a Legacy

Evangel has a strong legacy of sharing the Good News in the Copper Country. This legacy is now in our hands.

  • Evangel’s new children’s ministry area will provide a home for the next generation of our children to continue to pursue their faith and seek the lost.
  • Evangel equips students at Michigan Tech to boldly serve wherever God takes them next — all across the globe!
  • The new facility’s spaces are designed to support the ministry at Evangel for years to come.

Is Phase I Good Enough?

Evangel has been blessed with an amazing facility. The completion of Phase I renovations left us making several compromises including:

  • The Evangel Kids’ space is not large enough to accommodate significant growth in attendance,
  • The location of the bathrooms is not convenient,
  • The acoustics of the sanctuary in Phase I is distracting in the sanctuary and surrounding classrooms, and
  • The location of the offices isn’t practical and poses safety concerns.

How are we going to get there?

What’s my part?

We want everyone connected to Evangel to wrestle with one simple question. Carefully consider Pursuing the Lord, Seeking the Lost, and Leaving a Legacy initiatives and ask:

God, what part do you want me to play in the accomplishment of this vision?

If every person will do this and follow whatever God leads, Lifeful Living will be a success.

How do I determine what God wants me to give?

In 2 Corinthians 9:7, the Apostle Paul shares these words:

“Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Prayer is the foundation for everything we do at Evangel. Prayerfully ask God how He wants your household to contribute to the expansion of His kingdom. Not equal gifts, but equal sacrifice.


How will commitments be made?

Financial commitments can be made either by giving weekly, monthly, or quarterly over the next 3-year period. Pledge cards will be made available to take home and pray about the amount you believe God would have you pledge.

If you’re ready to make a commitment now, you can complete the confidential form online here:

Can my commitments be changed if necessary?

Absolutely! You may either increase or decrease your commitment at any time during the campaign as the Lord leads. We simply ask that you notify the Treasurer who maintains these records.

Will the church accept non-cash gifts?

Yes! Non-cash gifts are a creative way to give toward this campaign. Some people may be led to give one-time, non-cash gifts or to plan other creative ways to give. Liquidated stock, a car, garage sales, and gold coins are examples of non-cash gifts previously given. Some people may even consider making the church a beneficiary on a life insurance policy. If you are planning on these kinds of non-cash gifts, please be sure and include this on your pledge card and if necessary, someone from the church will contact you to answer any questions you might have.

Will monetary commitments be made public?

No. We will publicly declare only the total dollar amount being pledged because we believe it will be a great day of celebration. Individual names and individual pledges will never be made public.


When do I begin to give?

May 3, 2020, is our First Fruits Sunday. This is the kick-off for us to begin our campaign giving. We are asking you to give 10% of your overall pledged amount on that Sunday. After that, your pattern of giving on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis is up to you.

You can set up your recurring gifts using our secure online giving portal. Designate Lifeful Living Capital Campaign from the Fund drop-down.

How can I pray?

Other Questions?

If there is anything we missed, please give us an opportunity to answer your question or concern. Complete the following form, and somebody will get back to you.