IF: Houghton 2020

Women discipling women, who disciple women … WHAT IF?

What if we made the time for each other? What if we opened our schedules and our lives, and built refining relationships? What if? Let’s start here …

For one weekend, let’s allow each other in and pursue God together. Great food. Inspiring conversation. Challenging authors and speakers. Live worship.



At IF:Gathering 2020, we are going to focus completely, entirely on the person of Jesus. That is it. This is our hope and we need hope.

Across the earth, across every different country and nation, let’s come together for two days and ignore our feeds and ignore all the noise and ignore the chaos inside of us and listen to the word of God being taught.

The world is spinning out like crazy and so are the insides of us, and we need the thing that is going to steady us.

Starting Friday evening, women of all ages (teens and up) will settle in for a few hours as we join the thousands who are watching the IF: Gathering via livestream. In addition to the dozens of amazing speakers we’ll learn from virtually, you can expect non-virtual, ACTUAL food, warm drinks, and loving company, not to mention live worship.

Saturday we’ll dive in again, opening scriptures and exploring God together.


Who should attend?

Women. No matter what denomination or background, we do our best to create a space for all women to learn from biblical teachings. IF:Gathering does not identify with any specific denomination and encourages women across denominations to gather together. Since childcare is not available, please make arrangements for children to stay at home. Of course, nursing babies are welcome, and there will be a mama/baby room available for nursing and fussing.

Who will be speaking?

Jennie Allen, Beth Moore, Jada Edwards, Bianca Olthoff and more.